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What Makes Us Different

We take pride in the high quality design of our pillows at Blue & Co.  Each pillow is lined with our custom liner, which helps the pillow hold its shape and not droop. The liner has blue puzzle pieces on it, the symbol of Autism.

Our zippers are custom made of quality materials and the corners adjacent to the zippers are sewn with strong reinforcement.  We did this to help prevent ripping when stuffing the pillow inserts in the pillows. We know you can get a little too aggressive when you discover amazing pillows :)

More than the superior construction of our pillows, what makes Blue & Co. different is our mission to raise awareness and advocate for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  We are honored to name each pillow after someone who has Autism, and share their story. We hope that by doing this, we can spread a little light and better education on what Autism is and how we can support and help those who are affected by it.  Our goal is to focus on each individual’s unique abilities and not let the disability be the only label.

Blue and Co. is more than just pillows.