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Meet Whitaker

7 years old | Utah

There isn’t another child in the world who is sweeter than Whitaker. No one. From his big smile, to his happy, high voice, he exudes goodness and kindness. He is angelic and simple, like his pillow, in his desire to be good and please those around him. Whitaker was diagnosed with autism at age 2. He’s been involved in different therapies since age 20 months old. Everything he has learned has been explicitly taught to him by kind and loving professionals who fell in love with him and his innate goodness. His favorite things are to give hugs and kisses to his family, to play and snuggle with his service dog, Stanley, and to hear us tell him, “I’m proud of you.” He is a gifted photographer, who takes literally hundreds of different photos a week. He loves to ride his bike and scooter outside and loves his friends at school.

His other passions, besides his family, are trains and street signs. He can tell you any exit number of where he wants to go and knows where all the yield signs are in a 2 mile radius of our home. His mind, while simple in his desire to be good, is amazing and proud. The way he catalogs information is constantly surprising us and we love learning more about his passions and how his mind is photographic as he continues to make huge cognitive gains. While still developmentally averaging around age 4, he has continued to make tremendous progress with his therapy. Most professionals who met him at 2 would be amazed to see how far he’s come. He’s worked so hard and we could not be prouder. We love our sweet angel, Whitaker.

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