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Meet Simon

4 years old | Utah

Hi! My name is Simon and I am 4 years old. I am a twin with my sister, Annie, and we have 3 older siblings that love to play with us. When I was 2 years old my mom noticed that I was not talking as much as my twin sister and thought that maybe it was because she just talks A LOT and she was speaking for me. After my diagnosis, I started 35 hours of ABA therapy with a BCBA watching me the whole time. She played with me and she taught me lots of important things to keep me safe in life. (I really like to run and climb on things. But my BCBA taught me that it’s ok to use my voice and ask for help). The one thing my family has learned about my diagnosis is it does not define me. I might think outside of a box but how cool is it to be able to see a world outside of a small box. My mom says I’m brilliant and will engineer skyscrapers one day. And I’m excited to show her my favorite one I construct.


This pillow is dedicated to Simon. Living in Boston, MA at the time, Simon’s mom figured that since they were in the top city for medical care, she would hire a speech therapist to come help with his speech delay.  After a short time and a whole whirlwind of doctors and therapists, Simon quickly received a diagnosis for Autism. They know that this was the biggest blessing for him. Like some people who have diabetes they get a diagnosis and medicine to help them. Simon received a diagnosis to get him the help he needed to become his best self.

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