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Meet Sawyer

4 years old | Georgia

Hi! My name is Sawyer! I am 4 years old and love bouncy balls, anything plastic and toy cars. If I could spend all day playing outside, I would. I’m in a special needs pre-k and many therapies which help me to learn a lot. I’m super smart (a wiz kid when it comes to matching shapes, colors & sizes).


Sawyer was diagnosed with severe autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay, mixed expressive-receptive language disorder, feeding disorder, pica and insomnia at 2 years 8 months of age (after a 6+ month wait- to see a developmental pediatrician). I’m a stay at home mom so that I can transport Sawyer between therapies, school and doctors appointments as well as work with him at home on every day tasks outside of school and therapy. Sawyer is nonverbal but every day we hear different sounds sometimes a word so we have high hopes that in the future Sawyer will speak!! He currently uses some sign language and his iPad to communicate. 😊

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