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Meet Paige

17 years old | California

Hi! My name is Paige and I am 17 years old. I love playing sports, dancing, and roller coasters. Swimming and basketball are my favorite sports. I also love to go to the gym. I love to dance any chance I get. I love all types of music! Roller coasters are my absolute fave, the faster the better!


This pillow is dedicated to Paige who was diagnosed with major food allergies at 1 year and with Autism at 24 months old. Paige has been pre-verbal for years and is learning new words each day. She is an extremely smart young lady with the most amazing giggle you will ever hear! As Paige transitions into adulthood we, her parents, decided to document our journey via a Podcast. In @SansTheSugarcoat we explore our past, present, and building the future for our amazing daughter. Join us!

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