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Meet Lucy

4 years old | Utah

Hi! My name is Lucy and I love all things ABC. At my 1-year-old checkup I was a little behind on milestones, so my pediatrician recommended Early Intervention and genetic testing.  Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with Pallister-Killian-Syndrome "PKS", which means I have two extra copies of my 12th chromosome. Between ages 2-3 I continued therapy in Early Intervention and my mom noticed a few Autistic tendencies such as lacking social skills and having sensory issues. My mom put me on the waiting list to be tested for Autism, and 6 months later I was finally diagnosed.


PKS has a high correlation of having Autism, so her parents weren't shocked to hear that the testing confirmed Lucy had Autism. They were a little sad after hearing the official Autism diagnosis, but they started Lucy in ABA therapy right away.  A behavior analyst comes to their home every day for two hours and works on different goals in speech, self-care, social, and independent play. They hope early interventions and therapies will help Lucy reach her highest potential as they have seen progress over the last year since her diagnosis.

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