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Meet Luca

7 years old | California

Hello! My name is Luca! I have always loved letters and numbers. I used to get frustrated when words were written on glass windows/doors because it meant they were spelled backwards from the other side. But then I realized it meant people could read it from the other side.



This pillow is dedicated to Luca, who was diagnosed with Autism at age 4. When he wrote ƎVO⅃ (LOVE in reverse) on the garden boxes in his backyard, his mom tried to help him erase it and re-write it the “right” way. But he stopped her and said, "No Mama, I wrote it that way so the plants could read it from the inside." From that moment on, Luca’s mom realized they needed to stop trying to “fix” him, and instead listen and learn from the way he sees the world. His family has started to donate to local charities that help kids with Autism and are working on developing their own programs to help these incredible kids thrive! Check out their website at iam-love.org.

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