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Meet Jackson

16 years old | Arizona


This pillow is named after Jackson, a young man with Down syndrome, who loves dancing as part of the HipHop Homies (With Extra Chromies).
One thing Jackson would like the world to know is that he loves it all. If he could only pick one thing to do every day it would be to sing. He wants to be on The Voice because “I’m a good singer, you like my voice?”.
One of his family’s favorite memories was when Jackson used to love The Lion King and watched it often. He would wear whatever he could find that resembled some sort of tail and would insist that his whole family had one too. Sometimes that meant a grocery sack hanging on the back of your pants, or a long piece of toilet paper. More than enough times they would leave the house forgetting the toilet paper tail they were wearing!

The Jackson pillow is exclusively available at Highland Gardens!

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