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Meet Jace

7 years old | Indiana

Hi. My name is Jace! I am 7 years old and am a movie character fanatic! I love having all the characters to animated movies and acting out parts of the movies with them. I love my family so much and am very protective of them. My favorite thing to do with them is going camping in our camper. Every day after therapy I try to convince my mom to go to the camper and hang out because I love it so much!

This pillow is dedicated to Jace who was first diagnosed with Autism weeks before his 4th birthday. His mother noticed a delay in his speech around the age of 1.5 and then started to notice him doing sensory seeking behaviors. Jaces parents didn't know anything about Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder at the time but were seeking answers any way possible. Jace attends full-time ABA therapy and has since went from totally non-verbal to having a big variety of words he can say and even some sentences! Jace is now well-known in the online community, helping educate others on things most don't know about Autism. He has been a connection for his mother to help other mothers, especially with newly diagnosed kids, have an outlet to vent and get understanding for their emotions about the diagnosis.

Jace, his sisters, and his mom enjoy going to fundraisers and walks that are to raise money for children with special needs. Recently Jace got to run across the finish line after doing a 5k with his mother showing everyone cheering just how unstoppable he truly is!

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