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Meet Greyson

2 years old | Illinois

Hi! My name is Greyson. If I’m having a good day sometimes I’ll wave or say hi when we meet. Most times, my mom talks for me. I love animals, dogs are my favorite. I love hugging them and letting them kiss me. My therapists call me a sensory seeker. I love to jump, climb, and run super-fast and crash into people. My Dad is my favorite person (sorry Mom) he gives the best cuddles and lets me hang out in his office. And my dad got me an awesome playroom!


This pillow is dedicated to Greyson, is a very sweet boy who at 15 months old had stopped eating, his eye contact was nonexistent, lost his speech, and stopped meeting milestones. After his mom put him in therapy and got connected with Northwestern’s early intervention team, he was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months old. He is very affectionate and has great relationships with family/friends and his therapists. The biggest issues his family face daily are speech and feeding. Greyson currently receives therapy 4x a week for speech, developmental, occupational, and feeding. Follow along with Greyson’s journey on Instagram @alexis.plus3 – they love connecting with friends all over!

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