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Meet Daniel

34 years old | Texas

Daniel is our 34 year old son on the autism spectrum. When Daniel was 5, he was diagnosed PDD-NOS…Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Which means: We don’t know what’s wrong, but whatever it is, it affects his entire developmental system. It wasn’t until much later that we heard the word “autism” (age 12) and still later (age 19) before an actual doctor gave us the clinical diagnosis of “high functioning autism”.


We are super proud of all Daniel has accomplished. The one message I try to encourage parents in is “Don’t Quit”. When doctors gave us the list of all the things Daniel would “never do”, we did everything in our power to help him achieve those things. And you know what? He did almost all of them. From learning to ride a bicycle to driving a car, he kept moving forward. 


Among the things that Daniel enjoys are his dog Winston, writing—particularly poems and songs, tennis, Netflix documentaries, politics, photography, and travel.  We are so blessed to have been chosen to be the parents of this extraordinary young man. As I wrote in my book “I Would Have Said Yes”, we have learned more from him than he from us. Psalm 139:1-18.

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