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Meet Chad

54 years old | Arizona


This pillow is named after Chaddie Boy, a wonderful man with Down syndrome, who loves dancing as part of the HipHop Homies (With Extra Chromies).
Chad Rades is better known as “Chaddie Boy”. He is now 54 years old and loves his Hip-Hop class. Chaddie Boy would like everyone to know they are loved and important. He always loves to tease about throwing a pie in your face, since he grew up watching The Three Stooges. So, for his 50th birthday bash, he got a pie in the face and it was his favorite thing about the whole party! Chaddie boy would be happy dancing, bowling, eating or even working as long as he is with his friends. Chaddie boy loves everyone and expresses it freely.

The Chad pillow is exclusively available at Highland Gardens!

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