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Meet Cameron

8 years old | Dubai

Cameron loves music - specifically the drums - and has an amazing sense of rhythm.  He recently started taking music lessons and is learning to play the piano. Cam is super coordinated, athletic and strong!  He had the incredible opportunity to participate in the young athletes program at the World Special Olympic Games in Abu Dhabi a few months ago and we have no doubt he'll have a chance to compete in a few years once he's old enough!

Cameron was diagnosed with Autism just before his 3rd birthday.  His mom and dad knew it was time for early intervention preschool to help him with speech, but were blindsided with an Autism diagnosis.  While Autism certainly complicates life for Cameron, he works hard to overcome the many obstacles that make life difficult and does so with so much courage and determination.  His sparkly-eyed smile and contagious laughter can't be beat & we're so thankful he's a part of our family.

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