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Meet Calvin

2 years old | Utah


Hi. My name is Calvin and I am a toddler full of energy that never seems to stop. I love to climb, jump, and crash into the furniture in my house. I love to ride horses and hot wheel cars are my favorite toy! I try and hold as many as I can to take them everywhere with me. I always leave the cars in different patterns all around the house and in different hiding places for my mom and dad to find.

After Calvin was born, he seemed ahead of the game by hitting every developmental milestone until something "switched" when he was around 18-20 months old for unknown reasons. He lost his speech and stopped using his few words and phrases to communicate with everyone. His eye contact started to dwindle, and he started to show different sensory sensitivities to textures and sounds.

Luckily, Calvin's mom grew up around individuals on the Autism Spectrum and immediately sought out help and advice once she noticed these changes in Calvin. The best thing that could have been done for him was to have him assessed early and diagnosed, which opened up many doors to all kinds of therapy to help him reach his milestones. Some of his past words and phrases are starting to come back and he is learning more every day! Calvin's parents couldn't be more proud of their little boy.

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