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Meet Ashley

35 years old | Arizona


This pillow is named after Ashley, a young woman with Down syndrome, who loves dancing as part of the HipHop Homies (With Extra Chromies).
One thing Ashely would like to tell the world is to dream big because everyone can make dreams come true, even people with Down syndrome. If Ashley could only do one thing every day it would be to dance!
A favorite memory of Ashley is when she was being prepared for surgery, the Anesthesiologist told her he would give her some medicine to make her sleep and then when she woke-up, she would not remember anything. Ashley’s eyes got as big as saucers and she said to him, “You mean I won’t remember who I am?” While everyone else was laughing, the Anesthesiologist was trying to explain. She would only not remember the surgery, but she would always remember who she was.
The Ashley pillow is exclusively available at Highland Gardens!

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