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Meet Anson

5 years old | Utah

Hi! My name is Anson, I am 5 years old and I am an amazing reader. I taught myself to read at the age of two, much to my parent's surprise. I have always had a love for the alphabet, numbers, and puzzles. I love to build and play with arts and crafts, and Doctor Seuss writes my favorite books.



This pillow is dedicated to Anson, who was diagnosed with Autism right before his second birthday. Anson is autistic and hyperlexic, meaning he has a fascination with the alphabet, numbers and words and is a self-taught reader. Some of his first words were sight words out of a book, reciting the alphabet, and pointing out and labeling letters and numbers on license plates. Even with this skill, Anson has a very difficult time putting his large vocabulary into functional communication. He surprises us every day and we love watching him learn and grow!

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