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Our Story

I’ve always had a love and passion for interior design and beautiful homes. Creating and designing spaces was how I loved spending my extra time. Whether it’s for a client or for my own home, it is always rewarding when a project has been completed and it’s everything you envisioned. However, when my son was diagnosed with Autism, I turned every ounce of time and energy to focus on him and help him progress and learn.

Jordan Tingey Blue & Co.

Being thrown into the Autism world wasn’t something I ever thought would be a part of our story, but our eyes have been opened up to something amazing and I wouldn’t change it. As our son has gotten older and spent a lot of time in intense therapies, we have seen tremendous progress! We have also gotten to know so many amazing families and individuals who are affected by Autism, and who have stories of their own.

Over the years, we have been learning more and more about Autism and trying to figure out how to help those who are affected by it. We feel the biggest hurdle is the misinformation and misunderstanding that society has about Autism. We have seen first hand that once the label was put on our son, the limits were also placed on him. And we want to change that. I strongly believe the only way to change it is to immerse society with information about Autism and try to correctly educate, which is why I created Blue & Co..

I am combining my love for interior design and my passion for advocating for my son, and giving you beautiful pillows that come with even more beautiful stories. Each pillow is named after someone who has Autism and comes with their unique and special story.  I’m doing this with the hope that I can raise awareness and teach everyone who stops here a little more about what Autism means. Autism has its challenges, but every individual affected is capable and deserving of achieving their own dreams. We just have to let them.

Thank you for your support!

Jordan Tingey

Founder of Blue & Co.