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Meet Summer

4 years old | Utah

Hi! My name is Summer, and I love to play with blocks, puzzles, and Pocoyo. I also love it when people are at my house so I can be around them! During summer, I love going to the pool and splash pad. I love to play around kids, and I am still learning how to interact with them. I especially love traveling with my family. One of my favorite things is to be inside of an airplane. 

This pillow is dedicated to Summer, who was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. At that time, her family was living in Brazil, where there are limited resources for kids on the Spectrum. Since then, her family has moved to the United States. 

Summer has gone through ABA therapy for a little over a year and a half. She now has much better social skills and she can see and understand phrases. She goes to a special-needs pre-K for four hours every day. Summer loves to take the school bus every morning. She is a wonderful girl, and strives to do incredible things for people around her!


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