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The Meaning of Blue

Meaning #1.  Blue is for BOY.  Brooks is our miracle baby, and I am grateful that he gets to bless our family each day.  When we finally got pregnant, after struggling with infertility for 2 years, we couldn't have been more excited!  Everyone looks forward to the day when you find out the gender, and we were of course the same.  Mike and I were both just so happy we were finally having a baby we honestly did not care if we were having a boy or girl!! (Although, I have always had this fear that Mike would never get a son so I was secretly hoping for a boy so I could put that fear aside).  When we found out Brooks was a boy, we were sooooo happy!  We were excited to start this new chapter with lots of teeny, tiny, little blue baby clothes.

Meaning #2.  I had a pretty crazy pregnancy (will go into that another time) and so each day I stayed pregnant was a blessing.  Brooks already had a mind of his own before he was even born, and we were getting anxious to meet him.  His due date was November 8, but we knew he would come early.  Now, I wear a blue sapphire bracelet to remind me of the day I got to hold my perfect and healthy baby boy, that last day of September. 

Meaning #3.  Both Mike and I have brown eyes and lots of dark brown hair, and so our families have always joked that our babies would be furbies..HAHA!  I always imagined lots of little kids running around my house and I pictured them looking just like us as kids.  When brooks was born he had those blue eyes they say all newborns have.  As he got older, I kept waiting for them to change but they just kept getting bluer and bluer.  They are my favorite physical feature he has, and they are the first thing people point out when they meet him.  But his eyes have a special meaning to me.  They don't look at me much.  They're usually looking downwards or are only focused on what he is playing with.  He is getting better at looking in my direction when I get down to talk to him, but it’s usually only at my mouth.  When he looks at me though, at my EYES, I feel like we are actually connecting and it is one of the greatest feelings.  Sometimes, he will randomly look at me, wait a second, and then smile, and those are some of my most cherished moments.  It’s like we are communicating, without words, and I love it.  The lack of eye contact and interaction is hard on me, so it is always a special moment when it happens.

Meaning #4.  April is Autism Awareness month and when the “Light It Up Blue” campaign happens.  Ever since Brooks was diagnosed, this is something that has become very important to me and I love everything it represents.

Meaning #5.  I have had a lot of blue days since Brooks was diagnosed.  Sometimes they are more often than I would like and I used to feel guilty about it.  I would try and hide that I was sad because I was embarrassed and thought I should be “over it” by now.  But I have realized that it is okay and normal to have some sad days.  Sometimes, a good cry is all I need to feel better.  Being a mom is hard, there is a lot of worrying, stress, and feeling for these little spirts we love so much.  Everyone will have trials and hard times, but let’s take what we learn from these experiences to make us better people for ourselves and our families.


Amidst all the blue in life, there is so much more happiness!  It all depends on our perspective as we learn where true joy comes from!